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    THE MECHANICS OF TENSION CONTROL By Jeff Damour CONVERTER ACCESSORY COPORATION Wind Gap, PA USA Introduction This presentation is a basic tutorial in the mechanics of web tension control. We will discuss: 1) What is tension? 2) Why is tension important to me? 3) Where is tension control important in the process? 4) How do tension controls work?

  • Robust Tension Control of Strip for 5Stand Tandem Cold Mills

    Tandem cold rolling process is a nonlinear complex system with external and internal uncertainties and significant disturbances. The improvement in the quality of the final output depends on the control strategy of centerline thickness and interstand tension. This paper focuses on interstand tension control problem in 5stand tandem cold rolling mills.

  • A Robust MPC Design for Hot Rolling Mills: A Polyhedral

    A Robust MPC Design for Hot Rolling Mills: A Polyhedral Invariant Sets Approach Il Seop Choi, Anthony Rossiter, Bert Pluymers and Peter Fleming Abstract—The role of a hot rolling mill process is to produce strips of thickness about 0.8 ∼ 20 mm from heated slabs. One of the major control problems in hot rolling mills are the

  • Force Measuring Sensors (Load Cells) for Web Tension Control

    Force Measuring Sensors (Load Cells) for Web Tension Control. All FMS force measuring sensors are characterised by its highest overload protection and its designated accuracy. It is achieved by a mechanical hardstop and four foiltype strain gauges in a full wheatstone bridge configuration.

  • Control of Strip Tension in a Rolling Mill Based on

    Control of Strip Tension in a Rolling Mill Based on Loopers and Impedance Control The main loads of the looper are its own weight, the weight of the strip, and the forces due to the tension forces and Some tandem rolling mills operate with an endless strip

  • Unified gaugetension control in cold rolling mills: A

    In this paper, the unified gaugetension control problem is formulated by defining the exit strip thickness of stands and interstand tensions as controlled outputs. It is shown that cold rolling process can be described by a nominal model perturbed by an additive uncertainty.

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    tension controlled load mills. PULP & PAPER MAGAZINE: Reel density optimization system RISI. But the Stora Enso mill in Kvarnsveden, Sweden, encountered a more acute The company, which is a major supplier of force transducers (load cells), has a The company also has installed 24 web tension control systems in North America.

  • What is the difference between strain controlled testing

    Mar 03, 2015 · In a STRAIN CONTROLLED test, the test is conducted in such a way that the strain increases at a given rate. Generally the specimen is tested at a uniform strain rate. Since we know the strain in the specimen in any stage of testing we require the

  • MAGPOWR Dancer / Follower Arm Control Maxcess Americas

    Dancer Mode: The DFC90 and DFCA are full PID closedloop dancer controls, controlling web tension by sensing the position of the dancer arm through a DFP or DFP2 Position Sensor and adjusting the clutch, brake or motor control torque accordingly to maintain the dancer position set point.

  • Looper and tension control in hot rolling mills: A survey

    Looper and tension control is important in hot strip mills because they affect the strip quality as well as strip threading. Moreover, the most difficult challenge in controller design and control

  • Tension Load Cell Web Tension Control System

    By using a load cell sensor and load cell amplifier with other equipment, you can create a tension control system that automatically keeps controlled tension on material, on a roll, in a manufacturing process. Now that you know a little more about tension load cell technology, take a look at some of the options from Comptrol.

  • Rolling of Steel in a Modern Long Product Rolling Mill

    Jun 19, 2017 · Rolling of Steel in a Modern Long Product Rolling Mill. Long product is a common name for (i) reinforcement steel bars, (ii) shaped steel bar products such as rounds, flats, squares, and hexagon etc., (iii) sectional products such as angles (equal and unequal), channels, beams, tees, and special profiles etc., and (iv) wire rods.

  • Tension Control Systems steminbreitbach

    Web Tension Control The BXCTRL Web Tension Control is a solid state electronic control that receives a signal from dancer input sensors or two load cells (customer supplied). It integrates two separate Digital PID Controllers and two separate Open Loop controls. nAll setup is done via SD card or computer n When wired to dancer feedback or load

  • Tension Control Systems BIBUS Hrvatska

    of machine and the tension control installed. This should help you choose the right solution, taking into consideration the results you want to achieve. All the product characteristics and dimensions are included for every product. Tension Control Systems Applying the appropriate Tension Control will help you n

  • Web Tension Control Systems suninstrumentation

    Proper tension control allows the processto run at high speeds without sacing product quality The terms "load cell" and "tension transducer" are used interchangeably to describe a sensor that accurately measures the tension in a moving web Installing load cells (tension transducers) is the only accurate way to measure web tension.

  • Web Tension Control System YouTube

    Apr 04, 2013 · Web Tension Control Systems from APPLICATION SYSTEMS, INDIA, for Unwind / Uncoil & Rewind / Coiling processes. It includes Magnetic Powder ( Particle) Brakes, Web Tension Sensing Load Cell

  • PMC800 ABB's control solution for paper machine drives

    ABB's control solution for paper machine drives. 2 PMC800 ABB − Web tension control loops − Communiion with current and legacy ABB drives With its optimized, finelytuned software capabilities, PMC800 With encodorless drive control mills can reduce

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    tension controlled load mills. Home » tension controlled load mills. Exhibitor Products International Powder & Bulk Solids (iPBS) The 4B MilliSpeed™ has a 4 – 20 mA linear output signal and is designed to detect belt slip, belt underspeed, stop motion, low speed or zero speed on bucket elevators, conveyors, airlocks, mixers, fans and

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    tension controlled load mills grinding mill equipment. Home tension controlled load mills Exhibitor Products International Powder & Bulk Solids iPBS The 4B MilliSpeed™ has a 4 20 mA linear output signal and is designed to detect belt slip belt underspeed stop motion low speed or zero speed on bucket elevators conveyors airlocks mixers fans

  • What is a Load Cell and how does it work OMEGA

    A load cell (or loadcell) is a transducer which converts force into a measurable electrical output. Although there are many varieties of force sensors, strain gauge load cells are the most commonly used type. Except for certain laboratories where precision mechanical balances are still used, strain gauge load cells dominate the weighing industry.

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    tension controlled load mills eastoaklane. circulating load calculation in ball mill. Tumbling Steel Ball Mills and Ceramic Lined Mills are one of the most precise, tension controlled load mills design calculation for two rotor impact crusher

  • KELK Roll Force

    When strain gages, and then extensometers, and finally load cells became available, they were used to monitor roll force at first only for research purposes, and then to warn mill operators of impending overload. In the 1950's everything changed when Automatic Gage Control (AGC) was applied to both single and multistand mills.

  • Digital Tension Meters Tensiometers

    Digital HandHeld Tension Meters precisely measure line tension of fibers, wire, fiber optics, cable and other materials. We offer a wide range of tension meters featuring adjustable calibration, data logging and more. Please contact our experts to review your appliion and help you select the best model for your requirement.

  • ABB strip tension load cells in processing lines

    Tension control is one of the most important process parameters in strip processing lines. In order to achieve good tension control you need reliable input of the actual tension. Therefore the selection of reliable tension load cells is crucial. For Outokumpu the choice stood between Pressductor technology and strain gauge technology. In