About the Conference


WWI : Reflections from behind the frontlines

International Archival Conference, Sarajevo, 26-29th June 2014

In rememberance of the centennial anniversary of the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, the Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Archivist Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Croatian State Archives and the International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS-Vienna) will organize an International Archival Conference “WWI : Reflections from behind the frontlines” in Sarajevo on 26-29th June 2014. 


Objectives of the Conference

The objectives of the Conference are to summarize the various activities and their results related to World War I that are accomplished by archives and to suggest new avenues for work for the Centenary 2014-2018; to emphasize the role of archives in preserving communal and private memory, and to highlight the importance of defending archives with their existing infrastructure as proper scientific and cultural institutes. In addition, the participants in the Conference must be willing to discuss, approve and release „The 2014 Declaration of Sarajevo on the Protection of Archives”.



Reflections on the Great War 1914-1918 : Panelists are invited to present archival collections from their institutions relating to the Great War 1914-1918. 

Parallel worlds: connecting experiences through the Archives : In this panel we would like to connect historical actors and events on the basis of the archival materials produced by the different warring sides (e.g. reports from the battles, diaries etc.). 

Archives as “Lieu de mémoire” : The archival materials from the period of WWI are one of the most important sources not only for historical research, but also for the Centenary. What roles should Archives play in commemorating WW1? 

Protecting the Archives : Tragic events which occurred at the Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina in February 2014, have moved the archival community to discuss the infrastructural problems related to the protection of heritage. The results of the discussion will be presented in the form of the Sarajevo Declaration on Archives.